Art incorporated in the design

The art at Hallands Konstmuseum is not limited to our gallery spaces. In conjunction with the renovation and expansion effort, several works of both interior and exterior art inincorporated in the design have been produced.

The Garden

Trädgården Hallands Konstmuseum

Artist Maria Stigsdotter Drott has worked with the garden surrounding the museum. It offers a multitude and variety of trees, bushes, perennials and evergreen ground cover, while the changes in elevation across the site have been emphasised with new groundworks and materials. When darkness falls, a striking new lighting scheme creates a new experience, and seating arrangements located in several places offer a variety of views over the area. As with the rest of the museum’s offerings, the garden is a changeable place that invites visitors to return again and again.

The Library

Biblioketet på Hallands Konstmuseum

Gustav Person is a furniture designer who has worked with the new library in the older building. Inspired by the collection and new ways of making presentations, he has created distinctive designs for bookcases as well as seating areas and meeting rooms. Light fixtures inspired by disposable plastic cups are one example; wallpaper with a traditional Halland binge pattern is another.

The Rest Rooms

Toalett - Eva Bengtsson

Artist Eva Bengtsson designed the tiles that clad the walls and floors of the museum’s new rest rooms. There are more than 6,000 handmade tiles in all, each one given a unique design within a number of different themes. Organic forms in white relief, paint, some bold glazes and others more strict, with repeating words and letters forming graphic patterns.

The Auditorium

Hörsal Hallands Konstmuseum

Industrial designer Jenny Nordberg has designed the new auditorium in collaboration with several artists and designers of her choosing: Hilda Hellström did the floor, Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus of Byggstudio created the timber walls, Kajsa Willner designed the tables and Milan Kosovic the speaker’s chair. Around these contributions, Jenny Nordberg formulated the concept of 80+, in which the colours and materials of the interior are meant to be timeless and durable, lasting at least eighty years.

80+ is past, present and future. 80+ has a lot to tell us, all of it connected to Halland. 80+ ages with dignity and no loss of humour. 80+ can still stand for the choices it made in its youth. 80+ is friendly and warm, fluid and relaxed, strict and smart. 80+ is changeable and can be both spirited and sedate. 80+ is unusual – it aims to last a long time, right from the start. 80+ is the concept for Hallands Konstmuseum’s new auditorium. /Jenny Nordberg

Light Art

A unique work of light art illuminates the new building’s façade on three sides. The man behind the work is artist Mikael Ericsson. With LED light, video projections and more than 3,000 ink and watercolour animations, he celebrates the museum’s diverse offerings in an interplay with the architecture and the natural lighting conditions at dusk and at night.

Svea Larson

All of these public artworks were financed entirely by the fund that was created when Svea Larson (1907–89) of Getinge, outside Halmstad, donated her estate to Hallands Konstmuseum. The fund offers a unique opportunity to continually acquire art and crafts with ties to Halland.

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