Anders Kristensson, Halmstadraggare, Gotheborg, 1992 (left). Elvira Roslund Gustavsson, Too Much Too Quick (Backbone) (middle). Detail from peasant painting (right).

Borderland – from the collection

The journey from classic regional museum in 1933 to today’s art museum is of course reflected in the content and character of the collection, but there are also other parameters that influence. Today, gender, class and diversity are important aspects of new acquisitions, and knowledge of the collection’s own history makes it easier to both supplement and broaden it.

As a visitor, you get a unique opportunity to experience the entire range of the image and form area. Here you can find everything from classic painting, photography and illustrations to crafts, folk art and contemporary art. A selection of traditionally woven objects is also shown, which meets contemporary works of art based on the weaving technique.