Surrealistisk målning av en kropp som sticker upp ur mörkt vatten med höjda armar. Där huvudet brukar vara placerat sitter en person och spelar flygel. Ovanför motiven finns en natthimmel i bå toner.
Sven Jonson, Nattligt tema, 1938. ©Sven Jonson / Bildupphovsrätt 2024


Halmstadgruppen: In the Right Place in the Right Time

Halmstadgruppen (The Halmstad Group) was formed in 1929, comprising the six Halmstad artists Sven Jonson, Waldemar Lorentzon, Stellan Mörner, Axel Olson, Erik Olson, and Esaias Thorén. They were united by a shared interest in modern art and inspired by currents such as cubism and surrealism. Having stayed together for fifty years, they are said to have been among the most enduring artist groups in the world.

Halmstadgruppen was active during a period of major societal changes, both technological and ideological. Those changes made an impact on the art of the day. Artists from all over the world came together in Paris and Berlin during the 1920s to redefine the role of art for all time. In Halmstad, a cultural circle of young entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and artists emerged to become a driving force behind the creation of Hallands museum (Halland’s Museum). Through the exhibitions of Hallands Konstförening (Halland Art Association) they established a local arts scene, but they also distributed works of art into the homes of Halmstad residents through extensive lotteries.

The exhibition Halmstadgruppen: In the Right Place at the Right Time shows the group’s long career and close connections to Hallands Konstmuseum (Halland Art Museum) through works selected from the museum’s collection.