Hallands Konstmuseum

Hallands Konstmuseum is beautifully located next to the Nissan River and Norre Katts Park in central Halmstad. The museum building was designed by Ragnar Hjort and dedicated in September 1933. In October 2016, the museum was closed for renovation and expansion, and it reopened on 16 October 2019.
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The museum has an extensive collection of art by Halland painters such as the Söndrum colony, the Halmstad Group, Thea Ekström, Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Olle Bærtling, Roj Friberg, Lotta Antonsson and many others. Our public-facing activities also include temporary exhibitions, walking tours of the city, programmes and educational activities for school classes.
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At the behest of and in collaboration with Region Halland, Hallands Konstmuseum runs a regional resource centre called Konst i Halland (Art in Halland). Konst i Halland works with development issues in the pictorial and design arts in Halland.
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In addition to the museum building on Tollsgatan, Hallands Konstmuseum also manages the Hallandsgården Open-air Museum. The area is open year round. The buildings and café at Hallandsgården are open during the summer season, offering activities for visitors of all ages.
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Another aspect of the museum’s work is to document, care for and conserve its collections.